Products I use and recommend


                     FOOD / FEEDING

I am feeding my kittens ADVANCE kitten food.

Check the ingredients, the first few ingredients should be the meat content.  No grains and no fillers are good.

Also cats are true carnivores, unlike dogs they don’t need fruits and vegetables.

I really like the Orijen Cat food.  Although it always sells out, its a great food for all life stages.


Any baby shampoo that is gentle, organic with no soap. (from baby isle at the chemist or supermarket).  They are always bringing new ones out.

I use this product from USA. It needs to be ordered online but it’s great and made for nudie cats.  shampoo and conditioner.


Wiping down your Donskoy cat is a great alternative for those cats and owners that are a bit nervous giving and taking bathes.

There are some great wipes on the market these days, however, my favourites are these……

Yes I get them from the US, but they are worth it until I find something similar here in Australia.  These wipes are truly thick and truely grab that dirt and oils.


MILBEMAX Worms Tablets. Given every 3 months treats roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm, but give it every month will also treat heartworm.
Do not use topical flee treatments, it may burn their skin.

Milbemax® Small Cat Tasty – 2 Pack

Milbemax Cat Tasty – 2 Pack



**Use natural Kitty Litter.

You can choose your own litter but always keep it natural, sometimes cats ingest the litter while grooming.  Try and stay away from crystals. 
CHANDLER is good for those kittys that have sensitive paws.  Not all cats like the chunckyness of the pallets.

CHANDLER Soft Natural Kitten Litter

KITTER WOOD PALLETS natural wood pallets or OZ PET wood pallets.

Oz-Pet CLOP10 All Natural Cat and Pet Litter, 10kg

** it is a good idea to use a litter mat as well.  I like these as they trap the litter and help keep the surrounds clean.  Note the bigger the better.


I don’t flee my cats. If they get flees it will be very obvious as they have no fur.  So don’t bother unless they need it.


The ears get really grubby.  I don’t exaggerate…. They don’t have hair to keep gunk out of them. Get yourself some ear wipes and some baby cotton buds and be prepared to clean them well every week.

Petkin Bamboo Eco Ear Wipes

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds 60


Eyes: Must be kept clean. (I clean them daily as babies) .  If discharge occurs take Kitten to the veterinary.  Since a Donskoy does not have any eyelashes they get particles (like from their litter, carpet /rugs & woolen jumpers) and dust in their eyes, this can irritate and cause infections.

Reclens Normal Saline 15ml Ampules 15

Don’t forget the necessities…..

Nail clippers, 

Cat Nail Clippers Professional and Professional pet Nail Clippers and Trimmers-Safe, Grooming and Cleaning pet Nail Supplies for Cats, Suitable for Small Dogs and Cats

a warm bed (something that you can wash will be great), 

VicPets Cat Cave Bed for Calming Your Cat or Small Dog, Hooded Anti Anxiety Pet Bed for Your Fur Baby (Size – 50 cm Grey)

Cat Beds Gray for Kittens S,Pet Bed for Cats or Small Dogs 14″ H 2-in-1 cat Tent, Rabbit Shape Cat cave with Removable Washable Pillow


Anjee Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket, Double-Sided Super Soft Reversible Bed and Couch Blanket, Warm and Lightweight Home Decoration Blanket, Grey for Single Size 130 x 150cm

Dreamscene Flannel Fleece Stars Throw Over Bed Warm Soft Blanket Plush for Kids Sofa, Navy Blue – 50″ x 60″ inch

Dreamaker Luxurious Double-Sided Electric Heated Fleece, Throw, Rug, Snuggle Blanket with Double Overheat Protection | Super Soft, Lightweight, Washable, Adjustable 9 Heat Settings with LED Display, Auto Off, Detachable Controller | 160X120cm

ear cleaning wipes    

Petkin Bamboo Eco Ear Wipes

 A litter tray (the tray needs to be large enough for an adult cat to be able to turn around in it)   

PaWz Cat Litter Box Furniture Fully Enclosed Cabinet Toilet Basin Bonus Shovel



37 Pieces Cat Spring Toys Set, Colorful Cat Spring Toy and Cat Tube Toy Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats, Playful Flexible Cat Plastic Coil Spiral for Kittens to Swat, Bite, Hunt(Random Color)

Ethical Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy

Interative cat Teaser Feather Toy

Ozoosh Pets Cat Tracks Cat Toy – Fun Levels of Interactive Play for Cats – Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies Kitty’s Hunting, Chasing and Exercising Needs

scratchers (it is important to have scratchers, cats need to scratch to keep their claws sharp, exercise and stretch their muscles and mark their territory).

RISEPRO 2-in-1 Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, Cat Scratcher, Cat Lounge, Cat Sofa, Corrugated Cardboard

Cactus Cat Scratching Posts Pole Tree Kitten Climbing Scratcher Furniture Toys

Catify by Best Pet Supplies, Inc. – Cat-Shape Cardboard Scratcher with Catnip

Clothes: not all cats like wearing clothes.  You can get some really nice stuff on ETSY, but if you just want basic good clothes I recommend this lady, she has a facebook page @stitchedbycherylbetts.


DO NOT let any cat outside.  But especially a DONSKOY, firstly it is susceptible to the weather, secondly it can be taken, thirdly it can be injured or worse. 

Nothing good comes from letting cats outside!

A Donskoy is a very new breed.  It has very few health concerns.  Please shop for a veterinary who is willing to do some research into your new family member.  Please remind your vet that a Donskoy is not a Sphynx!  They are different.