Welcome to Don Sphynx Australia Web Site.

Don Sphynx Australia is not a cattery, we are a home.  Here you will not find any cats in cages, sheds or locked in spare rooms.  Our cats are family members and are welcome all over the house. At the end of the day they all sleep at the end of my bed, and on a really cold night under the covers.  I love my cats so very much.

DONSKOY, Don Sphynx or Russian Hairless.  Call them what you like but they are the most affectionate beautiful, enigmatic looking  companion you will ever have. (all animals are individuals with their own personalities).

Donskoys have a wizened or alien appearance due to their almond-shaped eyes, enormous upright ears, and wrinkled skin that has the texture of soft suede or leather.

My Donskoy are registered with TICA, the largest cat association in the world.

Also with ANCATS in Australia.

Don Sphynx Australia is Australasia's only breeder of the rare and wonderful Donskoy cat.