Meet the parents 


Aka ‘Ollie’
Aka ‘NO Ollie’
Aka ‘Why Ollie’

Oh my goodness, my Oleg. Love him to bits, but oh boy can he find trouble. He has the most beautiful soul. If he could climb inside you he would, he just wants to be cuddled 24/7.


Aka ‘Vara’
Aka ‘the boss’

Varvara is named after the first Donskoy discovered. And now the first Donskoy in Australia. She also has the most loving personality, but on her terms. She is the dominant one of this cat family.


Aka ‘Isa’

Raisa is named after the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's wife. Raisa Gorbacheva was a Russian activist. She raised funds for the preservation of Russian cultural heritage, fostering of new talent, and treatment programs for children's blood cancer. She was a great lady who did a lot for her country and its women and children.


Elena is our newest arrival. We welcomed her in October 2022. Elena has been named after the lovely lady who saved the first Donskoy cat by the Don River in Russia in 1987. Elena was born Flocked (with fur), this is expected to fall out by the age of 2. Though it can't be said if it will all fall out, or she will keep patches, or perhaps she will stay flocked.

“Watch this space, there are more to come.”

The Parents are genetically tested every year to ensure good breeding and happy healthy offspring.

‘Note I have never and will never inbreed my cats!’