DONSKOY V Canadian Sphynx

Lucy, Canadian Sphynx.

Oleg Donskoy, Lucy Canadian Sphynx.

The Difference Between a Donskoy and a Canadian Sphynx?

If I only had a dollar for everytime I was asked this question…..  I would have many, many dollars.

I have had a Canadian Sphynx, Lucy, she is the reason I became obsessed with the naked breed.

Personality wise, very similar.  Care wise very similar.  However, in looks and genetics very different.

Now please know these two are completely different breeds, like apples and oranges.  They don’t share any history or genetics.

A Canadian Sphynx had a rounder face and a chubbier body.  Thier eyes are round rather that almond shaped like the Donskoy.  The Canadian Sphynx also has a peach fluff all over its body, and more fur on its tail and its nose.  The Donskoy , as long as it is bald feels like a new born baby.  Sooooo soft.

The Donskoy also has webbed feet.