Now, they don’t necessarily like to take a bath.  But it needs to be done.

I give my cats a bath every 2 – 3 weeks.  The better the shampoo the longer they will keep clean.  Water should be warm, like for a human baby.  

I have mentioned the shampoo I use in my ‘products I recommend’ section.  However, you can use any sensitive, pure/ natural baby shampoo.

It is also recommended a daily wipe down with baby wipes. This is to get rid of oils that the skin produces- as there is no hair to absorb the oil on a hairless cat.

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I do a nail cutting at each bath time.  It is not nessacery but it helps preserve your furniture and injury to yourself at playtime.  (those things are like razor blades!)


Again, I clean the ears well at each bath time.  The Donskoy does not have hair in their ears to keep out debris, so you need to keep them clean.


This is important.  Again, the Donskoy does not have eye lashes, so it has no protection from dust and debris entering and irritating the eyes. 

While they are kittens and close to the ground, I will wipe their eyes with saline daily, and if needed squirt some into the eye to clean it out.  Especially if your house has carpet.  When the debris builds up in the eye it can cause damage.  If discharge occurs take baby to the vet and get some medicated drops.  I always keep some on hand.  You really need to keep on top of this.


Please take time to choose a vet. A cat vet would be great if you have a local one. Ask the vet if they are willing to do research on the breed, they are not the average moggie.  Especially if they need to go under anaesthetic, the Donskoy have faster metabolisms so this affects the procedure.  Again, make sure the vet does their research. 

**Climate is also an issue to keep an eye on: The Donskoy does not fair well in extreme temperatures.  Keep big warm blankets around the house for the Cat to crawl into.  Even in the summer months.  In winter I have heated throws on the couch for them.


DO NOT let any cat outside.  But especially a DONSKOY, firstly it is susceptible to the weather, secondly it can be taken, thirdly it can be injured or worse. 

Nothing good comes from letting cats outside!

A Donskoy is a very new breed.  It has very few health concerns.  Please shop for a veterinary who is willing to do some research into your new family member.  Please remind your vet that a Donskoy is not a Sphynx!  They are different.